Debra Roinestad -Interview about her artwork.

"It's lovely and thought inspiring. It's Olga Trujillo meets Louise Hay in this short, succinct description of what healing can look like in the face of abuse. It aligns with my own spiritual beliefs about energy channeling and positive intentions. Loved it! Will pass to friends of mine."

– Grace R.


"In each chapter Debra Roinestad writes of her past and ends the chapter with a positive lesson she learned with the help of her spirit guide, Esther. Very inspirational. It's a short book but leaves a powerful impression."

–  Maureen


"Lovely book and is still magical."

– Karon

"An absolutely beautiful and uplifting account of triumph over abuse. It's difficult to read these recollections - no child should ever suffer as the author did. But what a gift she, and her guide Esther, have given us in the Life Lessons these experiences taught her. We can all be guided by these insights."

– Connie

Author & Artist


Imagine finding out that your childhood memories were a lie told to you by your own mind to protect you from the daily horrors. A true story about a near-death experience and the painful memories that it triggered.  It tells of her survival and finding the healing light.