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1978 in front of a church gate.

Debra earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and has designed covers and interior art for major book and magazine publishers, including Penguin USA, Popular Photography and Consumer Reports.  She has also studied psychology, gerontology, and holds a degree in advanced Reiki. ​ A member of the Screen Actors Guild, Debra has numerous stage and television credits

we are all surrounded by light—if we only choose to let it in.

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Debra Roinestad

Artist & AUthor

"The white beam of light was hovering over my shoulder and seemed to be casting a protective shield on my behalf." (page 42)

Protected by the Light: A Spiritual Memoir by Debra Roinestad

Debra Roinestad always had an intuition about her life—a small voice that kept her safe as possible—but it wasn't until a near-death experience that she understood the importance of her spirit guide's voice. It is a story of survival, and reaching a beautiful destination of light & peace.

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