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Debra Roinestad embraces the oft times dismal, mundane, or ordinary and seeks to transform and restore dignity via humor and the beauty of natural elements. Photography and photo collage are the means by which she explores the world, capturing universal themes and encouraging the viewer to consider expansions of perception by means of contradiction and to question arbitrary constraints. Her reference points are influenced yet test the boundaries of Russian Constructivism, Pop Art, and Dadaism. 

Roinestad graduated with a B.F.A. in Design at New York City’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 1990.  While at SVA, she worked closely with international design icons Chris Austopchuk and Skip Sorvino.  Roinestad has created book covers for virtually every major New York publisher, and has contributed extensively to magazines including Popular Photography, Consumer Reports, Vogue Patterns and National Jeweler.  Her photo collage and designs have been displayed in galleries, museums and private collections.
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“My art is a creation of backgrounds or scenes which are usually “dark” and add “color” by the use of nature to restore life, dignity, and humor.  My goal is to capture or illustrate images that have a universal theme in order to promote healing.”

— Debra Roinestad